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Dave Davis

Jeffersonville, IN

Here's what Dave had to say:

The plane came out great, CG is right on.  Easy build, great directions.

Flys very well . Like it is on rails!!  Good, sharp, inside and outside turns. Response is good and predictable, ask it to do a maneuver and it is done.  No fighting it move the stick and the Axe is there.  I put it on high rates and maxed out the throws, went high and grabbed all up and right WOW . What a ride!  It went berserk, but still very controllable.

Havoc over Hamilton combat event:
The plane weighed in at 2lb 9-1/2oz and is using a Magnum engine.  It is covered in Econokote after taping it out in the fiberglass tape that you sell.  This plane builds as easy as the instructions read!!  Good photos and text.  I had 3 hard contacts with the ground, 2 brainfarts, and 1 midair, and I flew all 8 rounds without needing to do any repair.  Today I found a crack down the middle of the wing, but thats all the damage.  Easy repair.

"The Axe is a great plane and I would strongly recommend it to anyone."

How Dave got into R/C Combat:

My wife, who is my pit help, and I got involved in combat by going and watching the NATS in 05.  I met Mark Schofield who was very informative on combat. We were instantly hooked!! I purchased 2 used bat planes there from Larry King and was trying to combat at our field the next day.  I entered 2 events last year and scored 1 cut out of 16 rounds, and completed only 7 rounds. 270 total points 1st event and 180 total points the 2nd event.  But I had a HOOT!!! Everyone at the meets was just great to me, the New Meat.  Combaters are the best group of people I have been around.  When I had problems, 2 - 4 pilots would lend assistance.  I raced elec cars and was successful in the early 80s when it was in its infancy and the racers were very clannish and snobbish.  Never would I get the same help.

This year I have been in 1 event so far.  The first event I flew my new Battle Axe at.  WOW!!! What a difference in flight over the old Bats I have.  First round a 3 cutme!!!  I finished all 8 rounds and had a total of 6 cuts, and 926 total points.  I finished 10th out of 11 but had a great time.  This plane is a point and go flyer.  Show it where to go and it says OK.  It flies, IMHO, like it is on a rail.  I looked at the other planes out there and they all are good.  Each one has its own pluses and minus.  The Battle Axe is simple in design and very durable during dirt naps and midairs.  Quick and easy repair if needed.

If someone was to ask; "why should I try combat"?  Simple .. Greatest adrenalin rush you can have flying RC, period.  5 minutes of pure heart thumping, body trembling excitement.   3D flying .. Boring after awhile.  T-6 racing you only go in circles.  Scale pretty airplanes.  COMBAT IS WHERE IT IS.  Once you fly it, you will be hooked !!!

More about Dave in R/C:

I have been involved for 4 years, flying.  Before that I raced elec RC cars , sponsored, back in the early 80s.  But with kids, things get prioritized and they came first so my toys were put up.

I fly a variety of planes I have:  16 planes

Glow .. 1980s Smith Super Special kitted w/ Enya .30 piped;  .15 Lazy Bee kitted;  1970s .90 size trainer that I learned on, already built w/ ASP .75;  World Models Sonic sport ARF w/ OS .25;  SIG Rascal ARF w/Super Tiger .45;  Uproar 60 kitted w/ OS .91 4S;  SPAD Fun Fly w/ OS .91 4S;  2 Combat Bats for sale;  and 2 Battle Axes.

Electric . 2 sailplanes;  PT Elec scale 40 trainer;  GWS 3D Tiger Moth, parkflyer;  Wildfly Bipe 3D, parkflyer;  and Multiplex Twin Star.  All upgraded w/brushless and LiPo.

All are ready to fly but the Lazy Bee.  It had a midair and needs a wing repair.  All the kitted planes, I built.  

Alex and Tim Treneff
Why TreneffRC?
We're dedicated R/C pilots ourselves.  Everything we carry on our site is something we used first, then brought to market.  We stand behind the products we sell and strive to provide unmatched service and support.
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