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Battle Axe SSC Build-Along

by Lou Melancon

  Lou Melancon, former president of the R/C Combat Association, is also considered the father of "Slow Survivable Combat."  Beginning in 2002 with the goal of airplanes that could survive a contest with many mid-airs and two airplanes lasting a season on the contest circuit, SSC soon began to take root and is now the RCCA's most popular class.  As former president of the combat organization and someone who has flown many combat designs, Lou can offer a unique perspective.
Battle Axes I needed planes for the upcoming Mid America Championships June 21st in Tennessee. In the past I scratch built Cobras, and Georgia Gorillas. This time I did not have any foam on hand, nor coro, or plastic fencepost material. Instead of driving to the different outlets to get these things, and having to buy more than I needed I decided to get kits. I ordered the 3-pack from Treneff RC and am very happy with the results. It is a very complete kit and I can heartily recommend it. Here are some photos of mine during construction.
  The plane shown is a "Battle Axe" designed by Chris Quinn and exceptionally kitted by Treneff RC ( This one is powered by an OS LA .15 running on 30% heli fuel, Hayes 4 ounce clunk tank, with three metal geared micro servos, a Hitec 555 receiver, 700Mah airborne pack and weighs 41 ounces as shown. Battle Axe

Kit Packed

Treneff RC offers SSC and Open B versions of the Battle Axe. I purchased a three plane package of the SSC version. Here is what the contents of the box look like: Kit Packed
Kit Hardware

There are two "parts" packages with the basic kit. The individual plastic bags contain all the parts needed to complete the plane and make up the wing saddle: Kit Wing Saddle
Tank/Control Kit

Treneff RC also offers an optional package that contains a completely assembled Hayes 4 ounce tank, and all control rods with clevises and safety keepers installed.  This parts package is a real time saver and was definitely worth the price for me. I also purchased the metric bolts that Treneff RC offers for the OS LA muffler and head. Engine Bolts
Wing Cores

The wing cores are each marked on the inboard root, and the wing is assembled in conventional combat fashion then covered with bidirectional tape (4" width purchased from Treneff RC, and then with colored packing tape. The "Battle Axe" pressure sensitive decals are a very nice touch:

Wing Assembled
Engine Mounted The fuselage is almost a completely "bolt together" affair. The mounting holes for the OS LA are already drilled and fit perfectly. The 4X40 hex bolts, washers and locknuts are supplied. Shown here is the engine and the throttle servo plate.  Here the throttle servo is in place, all mounting hardware including double stick tape and zip ties are included in the kit. Notice the throttle push rod. This is exactly how it is supplied in the optional parts kit - note that Treneff RC even includes the ball link on the carb throttle arm.

Engine Installed
The holes are already drilled in the rails, elevator and L-shaped support brackets for the elevator and rudder. All bolts, washers and locknuts are provided. Fin and Stab

Wing Saddle Pieces These are the parts for the wing saddle. They are all cut to size and fit together perfectly. The foam part is a fixture for getting correct spacing of the saddle:

The wing saddle has cut outs included for a radio switch, and charge jack. Once the triangle stock is glued in place it is very strong. I put one coat of butyrate dope on it then covered it with bidi and colored packing tape.

Editor's Note:  The Wing Saddle has since been updated to Laser-Cut pieces which interlock for easy assembly and create an even stronger unit!

Wing Saddle Assembled
Lou with Battle Axe How does it fly? Great! I set the first two planes up identically and they both launched with an easy over hand toss. I followed the Treneffs recommended break in process and was seeing 17,250 rpm on the fourth flight of each plane.

If you are looking for a quality kit that is very complete that builds into a top level competitive fighter then I heartily recommend you to Chris Quinn's Battle Axe as kitted by Treneff RC.

Lou's Battle Axes

Alex and Tim Treneff
Why TreneffRC?
We're dedicated R/C pilots ourselves.  Everything we carry on our site is something we used first, then brought to market.  We stand behind the products we sell and strive to provide unmatched service and support.
See you at the flying field!

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